Ulyanovsk boarding school №89 for children with disabilities

Ulyanovsk boarding school №89 for children with disabilities is intended for pupils with violations of the musculoskeletal system.

Our educational organization was established in 1995. Since 2011, Borisova Galina Nikolayevna has been the school principle.  

83 pupils (51 boys and 32 girls) study at the boarding school. Education takes 12 years.

40 well-qualified teachers work for our boarding school. 95% of them have higher education. Almost all the teaching staff (90%) has qualification categories, 42,5% of them are teachers with the highest category.

Now the boarding school is an up-to-date educational organization, which has the main aim in correction and development of the personality of pupils with disabilities, in their social rehabilitation and adaptation.

Our boarding school is a companion of the project “UNESCO Associated schools”. In the context of this project, teachers and  pupils of the boarding school took part in the Third International Competition “Karst under protection – gift for the future generations” to support International Scientific and Practical Conference PROTECTED KARST TERRITORIES – EDUCATION AND TRAINING (23-26 September 2015, Sofia, Bulgaria). German Dergunov’s (pupil of the 11th form) work with the title “Character of Sergiy Radonezhskiy in Boris Zaitsev’s tale “Sergiy Radonezhskiy” was directed to the International Scientific and Practical Conference of UNESCO Associated schools “World around us” (Astrakhan). In March (20.03.-22.03.2015), the pupils of boarding school Dergunov German (11A form) and Zinchevskiy Demid (7A form) took part in the political-legal role-playing game “The Ulyanovsk UN model” on the basis of the camp “Yunost”. Dergunov German became one of the best deputies of the Council Committee on human rights.


The boarding school is a prize-winner in the regional competition of educational organizations, realizing the program of modernization of general education system in Ulyanovsk region (the third place). 

With a view of social rehabilitation of children with violations of the musculoskeletal system, the program “Social, psychological and pedagogical support of children and adolescents with disabilities” is realized. Measures of the program propose comprehensive systematic interaction of school specialists to provide forming of correctional and developing conditions for education of children. 

Since January 2013, the boarding school began to work in the innovative mode, having become the host institution of the federal internship site on the subject “Dissemination of successful socialization models for children with disabilities”. 

In the years 2013-2015, teachers of educational organizations of our city and region, as well as other regions of Russian Federation (Samara, Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Khabarovsk) had an advanced training on the basis of our boarding school. 

Our school teachers use up-to-date educational technologies for providing qualitative educational services. High level of our pupils knowledge is confirmed by successful passing of final exams. Many school leavers enter institutes of higher education, high schools of different types: technical, humanitarian ones (Moscow State Institute of the Humanities, Ulyanovsk State Institute, Electromechanical College, College of Trade and Cookery, Highest College “Zavolzhye”, Medical College etc.). 

Extracurricular activities of the boarding school are aimed at forming of conditions of multifarious development and socialization of each pupil in free time. The lessons have the form of excursions, study groups, round-table discussions, conferences, disputes, quizzes, celebration events, class hours, school scientific societies, competitions and different contests. 

Visiting hobby groups, pupils adapt themselves to peers. During the lessons, the teachers do their best to reveal organizational, creative, musical  abilities of children. It has not a small part in intellectual development of adolescents.

The result of work are places of prize-winners in competitions,  exhibitions of different levels, such as: International competition “The alive classics”, Interregional Christmas festival “Reviving The Holy Russia!”, Interregional festival “We are together”, Regional paramusical festival “Rainbow of talents”, Regional festival “Equal among the equal” etc.  

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