Osnovna šola Fokovci (Primary School Fokovci)

Primary School Fokovci is a small School in a small village in north easten Region in Slovenia. Our School is in a Moravske Toplice municipality. Our attend school 96 pupils aged 6 to 14 years (1.do 9th grade). At school we are dealing with many projects and so in 2000 we became a member of a large family of UNESCO ASP net. In addition, we have a healthy school culture and school. We are proud to be able that we can cooperate in many campaigns over the UNESCO ASP NET. So get to know different cultures, learn about human rights and we are thinking about our future.

Year of adhesion to the ASPnet: 
School Type: 
Primary School
Category of School: 
School address: 
Fokovci 32
9208 Fokovci

Contributions of this school