OŠ Frana Kranjca Celje




We are the smallest school, lately built on a small hill in the outskirts of the city of Celje. Students follow a mandatory programme determined by the State. Enlarged and superior programmes are offered by school, the students, on the other hand, choose different programmes on a voluntary basis. We are active in many international and national projects, but we develop some on our own, too. Beside our long-time membership in the Unesco ASPnet, we have gained some other titles, eg. eco-school, healthy school, a cultural school and Erasmus +. Our internal curriculum is constantly changing, rebuilding… mainly because our general way of thinking, working and the vision, in general, are connected to Unesco ASP ideas and goals – the four pillars of learning (by Delors). Since the beginning of our entry into the Unesco ASPnet we have been learning that with the integration, cooperation and openness, we can achieve more, and learning about the different worlds will join us in the one, Common world.

In 1996 we organised 1st  Unesco day – My city whispers the secrets, which has been, ever since, carried out on the streets of the city centre in the form of didactic model that could be applied to any city in the world. In the Unesco Decade of education for sustainable development (2005-2014), we have developed national innovative project called TREE = life. In the new decade of rapprochement of cultures, this has grown into an international project, through which we intend to spread the circle of partner schools beyond our borders.



Year of adhesion to the ASPnet: 
School Type: 
Primary School
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Hrašovčeva 1
3000 Celje

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