Nesibe Aydın Schools

Nesibe Aydın Schools include a full spectrum of schools from kindergarten to high school. Nesibe Aydın Schools are owned by Nesibe Aydın Education Institutions, which were established in 1984 by two educators, Nesibe Aydin and Husamettin Aydin. Our founders have laid the foundations of Aydin Publishing, which is one of Turkey’s most qualified educational publishing companies in those years, by preparing quality products.

Aydin Publishing has gained great reputation with their course books, particularly the course books approved by the Board of Education, which helped the school to preserve its success and position within the sector. The mathematic course books published by Aydin Publishing have specifically received the upmost level of general appreciation by the teachers who work in primary and secondary schools.

Our founders started running Nesibe Aydin Private Teaching Institution, which has been one of the most successful and stable private teaching institutions in Ankara, in 1997. Since the year it was established, our private teaching institution has been imprinted on people’s minds on the basis of education as an institution that gains the upmost level of success and earns the trust of the families and students by the results it got from the University Entrance Exams. Nesibe Aydin Private Teaching Institution’s Placement Exam (SBS) Branch has been the greatest support for our Primary School students in the path that leads them to success. Besides leading its students to success during the Placement Exams (SBS, YGS, LYS), Nesibe Aydin Private Teaching Institution has been breaking Turkey’s records by placing 80% of its students into universities with high acceptance rates. While doing this, Private Nesibe Aydin School students do not need any private lessons or outside assistance. Students learn every single subject only at school. The school provides its students with one-on-one lessons and weekend studies if necessary.

Every year in February, Nesibe Aydin Private Teaching Institution organizes an exam to select the students of its primary and secondary schools for the upcoming year, and announces that the enrollments are completed by the beginning of March. Despite the success it got ever since the year it was established, it did not prefer to open up another branch and continued to carry out its quality a step further as being the only branch without giving its franchising.

Nesibe Aydin Private Teaching Institution and Aydin Publishing have transferred its accumulation of 25 years to Nesibe Aydin Schools, which is a source of honor for our institution. In this education institution, for which the land allocations and zoning had started in 2000, the project work started in 2002. After an intense project work, construction started under the supervision of experts in 2004. The campus is equipped with the latest technological tools. Nesibe Aydin Kindergarten, Primary School and Secondary School started giving education in September 2008 and followed by High School in 2009. Nesibe Aydin Schools broke a new ground in Turkey by the size of the indoor and outdoor areas allocated per student. Nesibe Aydin Schools operate on worldwide education standards with its teaching staff, educational materials and educational programme that is focused on success and competitive nature.

Our founder, Mrs. Nesibe Aydin, gave her own name to our institution in order to create an institution that “she trusts its quality just like she trusts her own name”. Any endangerment that could harm the quality of the institution will not only harm her name but also the future of modern Turkey. Our greatest references are hundred thousands of students and teachers who have benefited from our products and ten thousands of students and their families who have been educated by our Private Teaching Institution. Nesibe Aydin Education Institution is a family business. The formal title of the company is Aydin Publishing and Education Services Joint-stock Company and the partnership structure is listed in the 7470 numbered trade registry gazette.

The success of Nesibe Aydin Education Institution originates from its strong financial structure and its commitment to work ethics. The long term goal of our institution is to become the best institution that provides the best education service in Turkey. It is determined to achieve its goals and gobeyond with the support of its students, parents and clients. The midterm goal of the institution is to carry out the best private school service at International standards in Ankara.

Since the day it was established, Nesibe Aydin Education Institutions has shared its responsibilities with its workers, and become successful with the help of the ultimate cooperation amongst workers that is beyond the classic stereotypes, such as inferior-superior and employee-employer relationships with their devotion and team spirit. In our family company, every worker is accepted as a member of the family and we share our happiness, sadness, success and mistakes.

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Primary and Secondary School
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Haymana Yolu 5. Km. Karşıyaka Mahallesi 577. Sokak No:1, Gölbaşı Ankara
61000 Ankara