#Unite4heritage campaign

Within the frame work of the #Unite4heritage campaign, Own  Heliopolis school organized a tour around Old Cairo sites that are inscribed on UNESCO cultural heritage list.

Old Cairo has been established in the fatimide era in 969.

The fatimide Islamic Caliphate lasted from 909 till 1171 and spanned a large area of North Africa and Egypt became the center of the khalifate in 969.

The caliphate in cluded Egypt , Morocco,  Sudan, Sicily and Sham.

The first Egyptian Khaliph was El Muiz ledin Ellah, who ruled Egypt for 3 years  and was concerned with the financial and economic affairs and designated  coins holding his name.

He also laid emphasis on the army affairs and included soldiers from Sudan and Turkey. He built new workshops for building ships. He gave access to freedom of religion among minorities like Jews and Christians.

Cairo had been founded and divided into small harat (Slums) and surrounded with walls with doors. Azhar was established as an educational center.