Rootsians Celebrate ‘World Literacy Day’ with their Sister School in Kalyaal Village, Pakistan

Roots Students are committed to contribute to the creation of a learning society by investing in children and women in order to build a strong and prosperous Pakistan.

Rootsians are committed to create awareness in the society loud and clear that there can be no sustainable development if the intellectual capacities, creative potential, practical resourcefulness and leadership abilities of more than half of Pakistan’s population is ignored or suppressed.

Today Roots Students celebrated ‘World Literacy Day’ with Students of Govt. School Kalyal with full zeal and zest. Rootsians encouraged young girls of Kalyaal Govt School to continue with their studies and discussed about the importance of education.

Roots Educational and Welfare Society has undertaken many ‘Community Empowerment Initiatives’ and one of its project was to reduce Girls’ dropout rate at primary level to 0. As an outcome of our mobilization and interaction with the parents and girls we were able to realize our goal of educating the girls.

Roots Community Empowerment Initiatives Each one – Teach one! Each one – Empower one! Girls’ education is the backbone in the development of any nation. It is a fact that countries that have an effective system of education also happen to be the leaders of the world, both socially and economically.

An educated girl is empowered and thus becomes a productive member of the society. Her self- esteem is raised and she starts contributing in the decision making of the family. Education makes her a fully enl