"Poetry and Sustainable Development" Workshop- SPAIN

<p>A workshop called &quot;Poetry and Sustainable Development&quot; was conducted on 20th March in Ramiro de Maeztu high school, Madrid (Spain).</p><p>Students that participated in the workshop read, commented and discussed several poems&nbsp;related to&nbsp;sustainability, Global Citizenship, social aspects and environmental problems.</p><p>At the end of the workshop, they wrote their own poems, which were exhibited in the high school and could be read by all passers-by. More than 200 students of between 15 and 16 years of age took part in the activity.</p><p>These lessons were given&nbsp;by the Spanish Language and Literature teacher Lola Pérez, who is deeply involved in Education for Sustainable Development projects.</p><p>The event was&nbsp;held to celebrate the International Day of Poetry and it was part of&nbsp;a set of conferences organized by several students and teachers of the high school.</p>