Eco Smart

In this project the studnets tried to gather all the recyclable materials in a specific period of time. The students gathered mostly bottles but also got foils, batteries as well as cans and caps of bottles. They laid out their resources and came up with what they could do with the available material. Spending one lesson researching online about what we can do we came up with the idea of making an IB logo from the bottles. There were many ideas on the internet but they either needed many more materials or they needed some equipment that they did not have and could not have provided. While some students stuck the bottles together others either made the base of the IB logo others were going to make the stand or were painting the dot of the “i”. The dot of the “i” had the globe on one side and IB written on the other.As IB is somethign worldwide and requires the students of IB to connect worldwide and learn from eachothers experiences. The purpose of this project waste for just fulfilling CAS hours, but to try and show their friends in other grades of this school that IB isn't just about studies but it is also about helping the people and the environment around you. Raising awareness with this statue they made with recycled materials they tried to show that out of things we find useless in our everyday life we make something beautiful out of it. As well we tried telling everyone about how and why they should recycle.

Iran, Islamic Republic of