Biodiversity & Sustainability Education in Sri Lanka

Communities at Stake

Sri Lanka, the beautiful island nation, is a rarity providing habitat for many exotic creatures and plants. Yet its high growth is causing serious threats to its coastal areas, many of which also affect human beings

A Proven Model

Sri Lanka is not alone with these concerns. In Europe, the states around Baltic Sea have cooperated for over 10 years in a fight against overexploitation of maritime resources. In 2014, the sea shows its first signs of recovery – water clarity has improved, and phosphorous emissions from industrial plants have been cut.

Thanks to an educational ambassador program launched by the Finnish Nature League with the Finnish Ministry of Education in 2004, over 20,000 children in Finland, Russia and Estonia are now more aware of their environment & the importance of waste management for well-being nation-wide.

Our Ambition

World-famous as the leading provider of high quality pedagogy, Finland boasts the competence to turn every community into a success story. Our team consists of professionals in education & design with extensive international experience, and we are keen to embark on a journey to share these advances with the communities in Sri Lanka

What, who, when, how?

what          Youth education on biodiversity conservation & waste management

who           Secondary school students & their teachers Act with us

schools    Sign up your school to participate as a partner school

advise      Offer training content/scientific advise for the program


Please contact Ms. Maya Zitting, Helsinki, Finland / London, UK

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