Underwater Heritage: The Sea is the World's Largest Museum - Portugal

"The Piratiii - The Guardian of the Underwater Heritage" is an illustration made by the students of Escola Tecnopolis of Lagos, in the framework of the teacher training project "The Sea is the World's Largest Museum", that was established as a single pilot project carried out in Portugal, under the management of a teacher training centre.

The teacher training project has promoted the implementation of the "UNESCO Educational Kit  for Underwater Cultural Heritage".

The schools have implemented pedagogical strategies for the Underwater Cultural Heritage preservation and teachers and students have built creative teaching & learning materials. 

The Piratiii is an example of illustration - Multicolored warriors, the Piratiii octopus have defenses in each of the eight arms and are the guardians of the Underwater Cultural Heritage, which invade the walls of the school and reproduce in screen printing, t-shirts and other materials.