International school project - Russian Federation

Moscow State School №1246 suggests an international project, devoted to cultural and educational cooperation with schools worldwide.

The main objectives are:
• To raise awareness of issues around inclusion, appreciating any difference and contribute to making the schools promoters and examples of inclusive communities
• To promote diversity and students' voice
• To ensure equality and access for those groups who, due to educational disadvantages caused by personal, social, cultural or economic circumstances
• To contribute to making students successful learners, self-confident and responsible global citizens by exploring new ways of teaching and learning
• To enable students to make their choice, and through this choice to promote the ideals of their communities, make them heard and taken into consideration
• To encourage students to become promoting agents for change in different spheres of social and cultural life
• To contribute to the development of “key competences” to a level that equips young learners for adult life, and which forms a basis for further learning and working life, for personal fulfillment, active citizenship, social cohesion and employability in a knowledge society
• To create sustainable and long lasting connections among schools from different countries
• To promote teacher professional development
• To forge and establish links with the international community

The project is supposed to maintain in a form of:
1. Youth conferences and Forums on acute cultural and social issues,
2. Students’ exchange and educational trips
3. Online conferences and debates on proposed issues

If you are interested in becoming a partner school for this project, contact Mr Sergey Fedotov.