Slavery Abolition Day - Dominican Republic

For International Day for the Abolition of Slavery 2014, the ASPnet in the Dominican Republic made a presentation about the new forms of slavery on the planet. Each school researches aspects like: places of transportation, exact time used by traders, how they hide the persons, maps.

Prof. Juan Bosch School, Los Palmares, Los Clavelines, Santa Teresita, Celina Pillier and San Jose Obrero - ASPnet schools in the project -, teachers and students made this celebration, knowing that "Abolition" is on the table, authorities don´t see or they don´t want to see. Education is our tool to make a difference right now, but we need more support from the high levels, from political positions, from governments. So many children and women get involved every day in slavery.

We have to keep breaking the Silence for them......

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ASPnet working in "Breaking the silence"
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Breaking the silence
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