Poster Day of Children's Rights - Montenegro

We as a team always cooperate and participate in the celebration of the Day of Children's Rights, as well as the celebration of other dates that are very important for our teachers, students and all people on the planet. Marking the day of children's rights we are trying to point to other people about the existence of special needs children.

This poster was elaborated by Angela Stesevic (first grade student of secondary school) together with Anja Pjesivac (third grade).

The poster says:

November 20. International Day of Children's Rights

Children's rights enshrined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1989.
The Convention provides for four categories of rights:
- security (Right to life and development, name and nationality),
- protection (Right to protection from any physical, psychological exploitation of a child),
- participation (Right of the child to be an active participant in accordance with age)
- prevention
The General Assembly of the UN, 11 December 1946 set up a fund to help the children.

The girl in the picture says : „We children have a right to protection from violence.“
Three children on the left side of the picture say : „We children have a right to live with our parents.“
The boy and girl in the picture that go to school, they say: „We children have a right to education.“
The boy in the picture, which pulls the shoe say: „From birth we have the right to a name and acquire health care.“
The boy in the picture that sitting on a chair, says „The right to be children under 18 years.“
The boy in the picture that sitting in the shoe, says:,, We the children, have the right to rest, to participate in play and recreational activities“