Mindfulness and Conscientiousness - Portugal

Poster of the Encounter for teachers and other educational staff about "Atenção Plena e Consciência para o Bem-Estar na Escola" (Mindfulness and Conscientiousness for the Well-being at School), organised by the Centro de Formação Rui Grácio, our Teacher Training Centre in Lagos, with the support of the UNESCO National Comission - Portugal.

We celebrate World Teachers' Day with some creative activities: workshop by experts, dance, music, poetry, arts, happenings and other interventions by the teachers and students. The Mindfulness in Schools is growing as a good practice for mental balance, well-being, happiness and peace. So in the same time, on 10th October we celebrate the World Mental Health Day.

The agenda of the Encounter (in Portuguese): http://centroruigracio.esjd.pt/files/Programa_Encontro_DIA_MUNDIAL_PROFE...