Active Citizenship, 7th Primary School of Agios Dimitris

In the context of the school’s cooperation with the local authorities, we invited the vice-Mayor responsible for the environment, Ms Katerina Asimakopoulou, who is an educator herself, to the 7th Primary school of Agios Dimitrios.

A very interesting and informative presentation took place about the municipality’s kitchen garden and its benefits. We also talked about the Pikrodafni’s stream to the students of the 5th and 6th classes.

Our students attended the event and participated with interest. Later Ms Asimakopoulou explained to the students the process of compost production and what we expect from it and then followed the implementation of compost production at the compost bin in our school yard.

The students showed great interest and we hope that they will be sensitized about the subject and gradually take action so as to become the future active citizens of our town