WORLD SCIENCE DAY for Peace and Development: Promote a Sustainable Future through Science Education

World Science Day for Peace and Development is celebrated annually on 10 November to highlight the importance of a responsible use of science for the benefit of society, and the need to inform and involve citizens in science. This year’s theme is “Quality Science Education - ensuring a sustainable future for all”.

Quality science education tackles both global and local challenges, and it is vital to lay the foundations for a more sustainable future for all. Educational policies should give equal access to girls and boys to resources and laboratories. Traditional and indigenous knowledge must be recognized, all while taking advantage of new information and communication technologies (ICT) for innovation and creativity.

The ASPnet in Action Team has the pleasure to convene you to take action for a better society of tomorrow!

  • Organize a science museum visit and make a report on how science and technology affect our daily lives.
  • Describe the scientific invention which, in your opinion, has been a milestone for humanity and tell us how it helps to become a global citizen.
  • Ask your grandparents or elderly people in your community and find out what their daily life looked like when they were younger. How would they, without internet, mobile phone or television, communicate with friends or stay in touch with relatives?
  • Get connected with a partner school via the internet and develop a joint science project.

Join the ASPnet in Action online collaborative platform and tell us about your ideas and actions!


Happy World Science Day!