Today, 20 November, the international community celebrates Universal Children’s Day and World Philosophy Day.

Children’s Day aims to promote the welfare of children, their rights to survive and thrive, to learn and grow, to make their voices heard and to reach their full potential, and to encourage understanding between children all over the world.

Philosophy Day underlines the importance of critical thinking to understanding the changes and challenges our world is facing. Change forces us to find new ways of living together and building fairer and more sustainable societies.

The ASPnet in Action Team invites you to dedicate one hour to philosophy by organizing a collective exercise of critical and creative thinking in your class on how children play an active role in making changes for a sustainable future. Create a flowchart with your ideas using the following levels: family; school; local community; country and the world.

Share your flowcharts and thoughts on the ASPnet in Action online collaborative platform “Global Citizens connected for Sustainable Development”:


We wish you a happy hour of critical and creative thinking!


Photo credits (c) Anveshika Sharma, Class 3rd,
Him Academy Public School (HAPS) Hiranagar Hamirpur,