"NOW IS THE TIME TO CHANGE!" - ASPnet schools have taken action for peace

Thank you!

On 21 September 2014, the ASPnet community around the globe celebrated International Day of Peace.

Many teachers, students and ASPnet National Coordinators from all over the world have shared their thoughts, messages and actions for peace with us through the ASPnet in Action online collaborative platform, and we would like to cordially thank you all for your outstanding contributions!

Here are just a few examples:


- "I dream of such a day when everyone lives in peace." (Badeea Sbehat, teacher, ASPnet UNITED ARAB EMIRATES)
- "The word "PEACE" sounds differently in different languages but its meaning is the same; it is very dear and important. Everyone wants peace in the world, homeland, at home, school, class, and in their hearts." (Aida Jazavitiene, teacher, ASPnet LITHUANIA)

- "Criar Pontes, Criar Laços, Criar Luz entre os povos" - "Bridging, Linking, Enlightening Peoples" (Ana Rita Batalha, teacher trainer, PORTUGAL)
- "Todos los pueblos sin distinción de raza, credo o color nos unimos al unísono de queremos paz, tenemos derecho a un planeta digno donde todos tengamos un espacio y eso incluye a nuestros hermanos los animales que están en peligro de extinción." (Elizabeth Valenzuela González)
- "Peace is in the heart of all people and nations… we should eliminate violence from the earth and maintain and enhance a healthy environment and make it a day of global peace to mankind" (Nafisa Sirag, teacher, ASPnet UNITED ARAB EMIRATES)
- "As an exchange student … some 30 years ago I learned early that the right to peace includes living in harmony with people of different colour, creed, language etc etc. I also learned that in order to have this right I need to start with me reaching out to the world around me. Today as an educator I am teaching my students the same concept and how it starts in the classroom. ... In my view, peace begins in young minds and it should be a mandatory part of the curriculum in schools across the globe. Let there be peace in the world and let it begin with you and me!" (Sue Buell, teacher)
- The Media Club of a school in PORTUGAL put together an impressing film in which students from different countries share their peace messages in their native language. Read more
- Students from SLOVENIA wrote their thoughts and views about peace, their stories and messages for peers around the world on sticky notes and put them on a Peace Tree: “Together we showed that we are shaping ourselves into responsible and aware young adults - designers of the future. We wish and believe that together with our "Peace trees" we will grow to a better future! (Žan Malek Petrovič, student, ASPnet Slovenia) Read more
- Students from GREECE created a poster with their handprints and their messages "What peace means to me". Read more
- A school from MONTENEGRO sent us their message as a photo (click here).


- Barack Obama: "Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek." (student, ASPnet PORTUGAL)
- Martin Luther King: “Peace is not merely a distant goal we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal” (Adalat Askarova, teacher, ASPnet AZERBAIJAN)
- Mahatma Gandhi: "The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace."
- Students from LITHUANIA collected quotations of famous people about Peace and exhibited them in the
school hall.


- In AZERBAIJAN, students created origami peace doves, drawings and a poster with the word "peace" in many languages. Read more
- Students from ITALY wrote a poem in honour of Nelson Mandela. Read more
- At Xatzivei School in in GREECE, 6 year-old pupils "created peace" by making a peace poster. Read more
- In RUSSIA, students at School No. 41 in Novouralsk made an interesting film about peace in the world which they staged as a TV show. They also drew pictures, made paper cranes and sang a song. At Gymnasium No. 117, more than 1175 pupils of 1-11 classes, teachers of history
and social science, and also other subjects, took part in several Peace Day actions and events. At another school in Omsk, students said no to war and sent us their peace song. Read more
- Also in RUSSIA, School No. 10 in Sarov Nizhegorod organized a role play "All children of the world are friends", drew a huge chalk picture "The children of our world are against war", and lit candles and kept a minute of silence. Read more
- In PORTUGAL, a yoga workshop is organized on the occasion of Peace Day. Read more
- Students in SLOVENIA planted a “peace tree” and discussed peace as a basic right of all people. Read more
- In INDIA, a painting competition was organized on the theme “Peace and Harmony”. Read more
- Two schools in ROMANIA planted trees for peace. Read more: School 1 and School 2
- At Kaunas Sanciai School in LITHUANIA, all classes lit candles at the same time and stood for a moment of Peace. Junior pupils draw pictures and exhibited them in every classroom. Read more


…and you, what did you do to celebrate International Peace Day 2014?

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