Are you looking for a partner school within the UNESCO Associated Schools Network to plan and take action together?

This space is dedicated to finding an e-partner school.

When logged in, you can create a twinning request in the sharing space section. Tell us about your school and about your students. You can specify the country or language group in which you are looking for a partner school, and/or about the themes or projects you would like to work on together in the future.

Communities at Stake

Sri Lanka, the beautiful island nation, is a rarity providing habitat for many exotic creatures and plants. Yet its high growth is causing serious threats to its coastal areas, many of which also affect human beings

A Proven Model

Sri Lanka is not alone with these concerns. In Europe, the states around Baltic Sea have cooperated for over 10...Read more

Moscow State School №1246 suggests an international project, devoted to cultural and educational cooperation with schools worldwide. The main objectives are: to raise awareness of issues around inclusion, appreciating any difference and contribute to making the schools promoters and examples of inclusive communities; to promote diversity and students' voice; to contribute to making students responsible...Read more

We are General Povilas Plechavičius Cadet School in Kaunas, Lithuania. We are a member of ASPnet and the main directions of our work and cooperation are: community's involvement in our educational process, sports, cultural and military (preserving peace) activities. The students that learn at our school are 10-18 year old. They are sporty, active, individual and communicative. Cadets are interested in...Read more

The community of Raseiniai Saltinis Progymnasium is looking for partners to carry out joint activities, projects and schoolchildren's exchange programmes on different topics in new, innovative ways. The staff of 58 teachers educate 681 schoolchildren aged from 6-15 as responsible citizens of our region, country and the world. Having joined ASPnet, we have made a choice of two directions - education for...Read more

I would like to connect your school with one in the US. I teach at Fleming Island High School in Florida, and my class is doing an international, interdisciplinary project called “Global Bridges” with students in Argentina. We are searching for more foreign schools around the world that would like to connect this year.

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Our school is always keen to share and learn about cultures of countries all over the world. So if any country is interested to learn and share about Indian culture and its association with education like Vedic Maths. Later our school would like to take on a UNESCO model goal. After introduction by these ice breaker projects and several video conferencings.

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Our institution "Lycée Smar à Tataouine Tunisie" would like to twin with a high school around the world and have an exchange of cultures with it.

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