Volunteerism, Community Work & Environmental Awareness for Global Citizenship - Pakistan

Being the Senior Manager of Roots Millennium Schools, I, Faizah Tasawar, would like to highlight the contribution of my Institution in terms of promoting volunteerism, community and environmental awareness for the significant implementation of global citizenship all across our campuses nationwide.

We have recently signed a MOU with Pakistan Red Crescent Society to include the spirit of volunteerism in our students and staff community. We have engaged our students in different community projects for example for the flood affectees here in Pakistan, we asked our students to raise funds for them through different innovative means. Our students donated numerous accessories for the flood affectees. This practice boosted the motivation level of helping their fellow human beings in need.

Students celebrated World Poverty Day and World Food Day as well to raise awareness for those who are dying with hunger and poverty in different parts of the world. Morning Assembly presentations were held on the significance of the day along with the interactive classroom discussions.

Our Institution has signed a legal agreement with WWF Pakistan to raise awareness for environmental education and to make every single student an environment friendly human being. Regarding this, we have celebrated numerous days like world earth day, plantation activities, interactive sessions on disaster reduction, green corner in the school and many more to go in the future.

Our school celebrated World Space Week in collaboration with Institute of Space and Technology to highlight the importance of science and its benefits in our daily lives.