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Dear Sir or Madam!

The UNESCO Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD) is coming to its end this year and we have already entered a new decade in the rapprochement of cultures (2013-2022). The international Unesco ASP project TREE = LIFE has been combining the youngsters and their mentors in Slovenia and beyond our borders. In our local environments we have, together, recognized and later solved the global problems. Through cooperation we’ve learned to live and think in a sustainable manner. We will continue in the same way. We want to encourage an awareness of one's own cultural identity and respect for the diversity of all kinds. The project introduces global approach learning as a lifelong process that highlights the interdependence and integration of the individual into a global event with its own activity.

"Global education is the one that opens people's eyes and minds to the reality of globalised world and that wakes people up so it would be possible to realize a fairer world, in which there was more equality and human rights for all. Global education means that includes education for development, education for human rights, education for sustainability, education for peace and conflict prevention and intercultural education; What is the global dimension of education for citizenship." (The Maastricht Global Education Declaration, 2002).

The project is designed to be interdisciplinary, so it can be included into the lessons or other forms of school work (interests, research projects, school projects, project days, etc.). It can be run with different groups of students (all students of the school, specific triad, a class, research interest group, etc.) and you can adjust the goals, content, difficulty, etc.

The topic of school year 2014/15: WE, AMONG US

Content course of the project

1. Students get acquainted with interculturalism and in conjunction with human rights (with emphasis on the 1st and 2nd article of the Universal Declaration of human rights). A short film, advertising spot, a literary story, photo, etc. can be chosen as an appropriate motivation.

2. A workshop is carried out (as a part of a lesson or of other activities) on the theme of diversity of cultures, stereotypes, discrimination, prejudice (see resources below). In the conclusion the debate is highly recommended and thus the possibility for students to express their own views, thoughts, arguments.   

3. Each student uses the new knowledge to “recycle” an old T-shirt into a new one. They use an inscription, an image or a combination of both to do that. If the group agrees, an exchange of T-shirts can be organised.

4. At least one "recycled" T-shirt should be sent to Primary School Frana Kranjca Celje, Hrašovčeva 1, 3000 Celje (PS Tree=Life) not later than 15 April 2015.

5. It is highly desirable that the project is actualized with some new activity of integration with closer or farther society, with the aim to practically test the new ideas. The activity should be published on your Web site, and the link should be sent to the following email:

6. The project will finish on 21 May 2015, the world day of cultural diversity for dialogue and development, with a closing ceremony.

7. The deadline to apply is 20 Nov 2014.

You are kindly invited to join us in investigation, creating, socializing…

We are looking forward to work with you.

Best regards,

Danica Šalej, the Headmistress                                                                  Dragica Milojević, Project leader 




Application form



School name: ____________________________

Address: _______________________


Name, Surname of the project leader: _____________________________

E-mail: ___________________________

Phone no: _________________


Number of active students: _________

Class(es): ___________

Number of active teachers: _________


Apply until: 20th Nov 2014

You can send the application to or to the addreess:

OŠ Frana Kranjca Celje, Hrašovčeva 1, 3000 Celje, PS DREVO = ŽIVLJENJE.