Sustainable School Enterprise "Macadamiafans Göttingen"

In July 2012, the German incorporated society “Initiative WELT:KLASSE e.V.” successfully encouraged 10 WELT:KLASSE secondary school students from Hainberg-Gymnasium in Göttingen to become founding members of the school enterprise “macadamiafans Göttingen” (“macadamiafans Gröbenzell” has also been running as a pilot project since 2011). The students worked on a voluntary basis for Initiative WELT:KLASSE e.V. The registered charity makes all of the net profit available to the schools to help pay for exchange visits organized by the WELT:KLASSE Foundation, which in turn ensures the ongoing survival of the WELT:KLASSE initiative.

The students initially developed their own marketing materials (flyers, posters, video clips, letter to sponsors and parents) as part of project days held to mark the International Project Day of UNESCO project schools, and also researched the various sales options. They found out about the legal status of school enterprises, learnt how to set up a proper accounting system and presented the project at the Full Conference. They sold the nuts and the oil in and around the school community, (Full Conference, professional development events, school events, friends and acquaintances and the Korean exchange project), and collaborated with the local organic food store (“Bioladen”) next to the school. The Göttingen students sold about 100 kg of macadamia nuts and 80 containers of macadamia oil in the first half of the year, generating turnover of €2,200 (and a “net profit” of €768); one sponsor increased the net profit by €600. This money will be used to finance the next WELT:KLASSE team.

In November 2012, Anthony Ngondi, the Kenyan coordinator of macadamiafans GmbH, paid a visit to Hainberg-Gymnasium to report on the project from the Kenyan side and answer any questions. As well as the founding members of the school enterprise, eight students from Year 8 from the WPU-UNESCO project were also invited to attend the Q & A session. This was the starting point for students from more than one year group becoming involved in the enterprise.

In August 2014 Macadamiafans Göttingen recieved the "Schüler Business Award" and in November 2014 two students and their teacher participated in the UNESCO ASPnet International ESD Events for Students and Teachers 2014 in Okayama, Japan.