THE SEA IS THE WORLD LARGEST MUSEUM - A Teacher Training Project for the preservation of the Underwater Cultural Heritage.


A Teacher Training Project for the preservation of the Underwater Cultural Heritage

The teacher training Centre “Centro de Formação Rui Grácio” and the Portuguese National Commission for the Unesco have developed in 2014 a project of teacher education dedicated to the dissemination and implementation of the UNESCO Educational Kit on Underwater Cultural Heritage.

Development of Playful and Creative Pedagogical Strategies for the Underwater Cultural Heritage Preservation

The project started in February 2014, conducting training sessions with experts and implementing educational projects in several schools in Lagos, Vila do Bispo, Mexilhoeira, Portimão and Albufeira (Portugal).

An e-learning platform through which teachers could access all the scientific and pedagogical documentation of the project was created. They have participated in discussion forums and shared educational materials. Teachers of Cidade Velha School (Cabo Verde), belonging to the UNESCO associated schools network, were invited to participate on this platform.

Educational Projects

We emphasize the creativity of the educational projects implemented in schools in different subjects: History, Geography, Portuguese, Visual Education, Technical Education, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Biology and Geology, Primary and Special Needs Education:

- “The Sea, the World” - Creation of a collective song; Story collective writing with a mascot of Underwater Cultural Heritage;

- Domino "The Sea is the World's Largest Museum" - Construction of a didactic game of domino, made of recycled materials, involving images and concepts of the Underwater Cultural Heritage;

- “The Seas of my City” - Art Installation (dance, drama, audiovisual);

- “The Knights of the Sea” – Role-play to raise awareness of the educational community about the defense of the Underwater Cultural Heritage;

- “The Piratiii” - Paintings of octopus, multicolored warriors, with defense weapons in each arm. They are guardians of the Underwater Cultural Heritage and natural heritage. They invade the walls of the school and reproduce in printed t-shirts and other items;

- “Mural of the city line of Lagos, emerged and submerged” - Implementation of a collective mural at school;

- “Nature and Adventure Club discovers the Underwater Cultural Heritage” - diving activities with students for the discovery of the Underwater Cultural Heritage in Lagos bay;

- “Once upon a time there was a Caravel who fell asleep on the seabed” - Development of an interactive three-dimensional book, with drawings and texts on the history of a sixteenth century caravel - Life on board and the wreck;

- “Biodiversity in Cultural Underwater Heritage scenery”- Exploration of wrecks for Biodiversity; Underwater Cultural Heritage operating in Baleeira (Sagres bay); Construction of educational games and PowerPoint presentations for student awareness;

- “The ​​Secrets of the Sea in Literature and Heritage” - Construction of educational games, exploration of legends, tales, "The Lusíadas" of the Portuguese poet Luiz de Camões and other texts, in conjunction with the Underwater Cultural Heritage;

- “Shadows of Freedom” - Production of a Chinese shadow theater on Human Rights, addressing the sinking of a caravel on the Slave Route;

- “Ships and Shipwrecks of the Portuguese Discoveries” - Study of boats and boat building models; exploitation of Bartolomeu Dias wreck and the Cape of Storms; Creating PowerPoints and educational games;

- “If the Ghosts Could Talk ...” – Fantastic tale collective writing, giving expression to several characters that are ghosts of the sea men of sunken caravel;

- Envelope Game “The Underwater Cultural Heritage” - Construction of a QUIZ with pictures, collage, painting on photography, based on reading of the UNESCO Educational Kit on Underwater Cultural Heritage;

- “The underwater cultural heritage and natural heritage in the wetland Ria de Alvor” - Educational Research project on heritage wealth.


A final meeting of Educational Projects "The Sea is the World Largest Museum" was held in Lagos, on November 25th  2014. The initiative had conferences, artistic happenings, dissemination of educational experiences, exhibition of pedagogical materials and also the teacher training project final report.

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