School Radio for Global Citizenship - WORLD RADIO DAY

TARGET GROUP: Teachers, secondary students, school staff, parents, educational and cultural experts from authorities, broadcasters and citizens
The World Radio Day recognizes the unique role and the impact of this media, that reaches the largest audience worldwide, reaching the most isolated communities. In the end of the world, radio is a strong feature that gives voice to the unheard, helps educate the illiterate and saves lives in situations of natural disasters. Having a clear force for freedom of expression and pluralism, radio is essential for building inclusive societies and promote respect and understanding among people, establishing intercultural dialogues and attitudes of peace in the communities.
The World Radio Day promotes the widespread celebration of this means of communication. The theme proposed by UNESCO for 2015 is "Youth and Radio", a topic that at the time of conceiving this seminar, the Teacher Training centre  "Centro de Formação Rui Grácio" has articulated with Global Citizenship Education.
Partner institution of the Comenius Regio project "School Radio for Learning", coordinated in Portugal by the Ministry of Education and Science, Dgeste-Dsral, and in England by Southwark Council of London, Dr. Rui Grácio Teacher Training Centre offers to  the educational community of the Algarve another opportunity to celebrate this day, reflecting on the pedagogical potential of school radio.
In the context of this international project, we have seen born two radios in Lagos school clusters, Radio Naus and Radio Tecnodantas FM, very young projects involving teachers and students that began to produce radio content for the development of communication skills, for socio-cultural development and for the educational success of the students.
Will be released this school year, a teacher training program on "School Radio: Pedagogical Potential for Educational Success" which will include the actual creation of radio content, as the primary vehicle of education for citizenship overall, based on the values of a culture of peace.
- Raising awareness of the School Radio as a means for global citizenship education;
- Sharing School Radio projects with pedagogical potential in the development of students, teachers and the school community.
ACTIVITIES / PROGRAMME on 12th February 2015
18.00 - Opening Session by the Regional Delegate of DGESTE-DSRAL (Ministry of Education and Science) and the Mayor of Lagos
18.15h - Comenius Regio Project "School Radio for Learning" -
Project Coordinator, Lídia Ramos, DGESTE-DSRAL
. Radio Tecnodantas FM - Ruth Gomes and Dina Grilo, AE Júlio Dantas school
- Radio Naus - Paulo Soares and Jorge Figueira, AE Gil Eanes school
- Teacher Training Program: "The School Radio: Pedagogical Potential for Educational Success" - Ana Cristina Madeira, CF Rui Grácio
19.15h - "How does the radio can contribute to global citizenship?"
Fatima Peres, Broadcaster and Radio Journalist 
20.15h -  Debate:
How does Radio survives in today's world of consumer image and globalization?
What is the role of the School Radio in the training of students with the challenges brought by the new technologies?
How does the Radio and School Radio may intervene in the sustainability of small isolated communities?
21.00h - Closure: "School Radio and Peace Education "
Organiser: Centro de Formação Dr. Rui Grácio