Raising awareness on coastal protection and sustainable development - France

For 3 years now, our students have been working in a partnership with the Natural Marine Park of Iroise, France.

The aim of the partnership is to sensitize our school students and the local population to the balance the Marine Park is trying to achieve between protection and development of our coastal areas, at  the tip of Western Europe.

We start every year with a first round of visits to local enterprises and the Marine Life center Haliotika in Le Guilvinec.

Then all the teachers involved ( Economy, Sciences, History& Geography, English...) start working with their students at the various aspects that they find are related to their curriculum. A full day session of workshops is organized by the scientists from the Iroise Marine Park - this year on Tristan Island near Douarnenez - where students have the opportunity to meet all sorts of people who are involved in the working of the  Park or just willing to share their experience of life in or around the Park .

Students complete their productions and present them  for assessment in English and French. You will find them published in 3 e-books that will give you an insight of what it means to protect and develop sea activities at the Western tip of Europe...

Please visit them at:
- e-book Volume 1
- e-book Volume 2
- e-book Volume 3

In this newly released third volume, the students focused on the testimonies and experience of actors and inhabitants of the Park: Mr Boileau, Deputy  Manager; Mr Moreau, the guardian and keeper of Tristan Island; Gaby Jaouen, a former fisherman, now active in the SNSM rescue teams of Douarnenez; and Scarlette Le Corre, a fisherwoman and business manager.

This year again the 1ES3 class group started by a visit to the Haliotika Center in Le Guilvinec where they could get a first glimpse of sea activities on the coasts of Brittany. Then Fabien Boileau, the Park's Deputy Manager, came to Le Likès for a conference inviting them for workshops on Tristan Island in Douarnenez . The students’ productions have been assessed in History & Geography (Frédérique Lohéac) and English (Lionel Poiraudeau) classes, but also involve other subjects such as Sciences (Delphine Boissel) and Economy (Marie-Pierre Ollivier).

We are currently planning to extend the involved range of students to the Science Department for year 4.