Macadamiafans Kenya

The novel way from the farmer to the customer *Centerpiece of the macadamiafans-concept is an innovative value chain: The small-scale farmers earn an adequate amount of money and the customer pays a convenient price. The steps in particular are:

1. Preparation and maintenance of selected small-scale famers

The farmers receive certified planting material and modern knowledge for the management of the macadamia trees and the enforcement of ecological farming. The Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) and the Kenya Organic Agriculture Network (KOAN) are two of the many supporters for further education concerning quality assurance. Moreover, they encourage ecological certification for small-scale famers.   

2. Harvesting and processing of the nuts

During harvest time, the macadamia nuts are being collected – the nuts fall from the trees as soon as they are ripe. Instead of selling the harvest to middlemen, the “Self-Processing” is now taking place. In local facilities of process, which are located in every farmer community, the small-scale farmers have unlimited access to easy-to-use systems for drying, peeling, and sealing their macadamia nuts. For the processing the famers get a set basic pay, as well as an additional amount of money for the quality of their nuts. Therefore, they receive an even higher position in the value chain. The local facilities of process which are paid off become the property of the farmer communities. The customer can trace every single package back to the small-scale farmer who produced it and has the possibility to contact the farmer.

3. Transport and storage in Germany

From the storages of the facilities of process the packaged nuts are being transported to the port in Mombasa where the transportation continues with a container ship. They get to Rotterdam in 20 days. By then, they have already left 95% of their journey, which is about 12,400 km, behind them. The produced ejection of greenhouse gases is comparatively low: for many kilograms of nuts it conforms to the ejection of producing less than one gram beef. From the port of Hamburg the nuts are directly going to the German reservoir in Essen und from there to our School.