International Day of Poetry - Bulgaria

International Day of Poetry

UNESCO celebrates the 21st of March as the international Day of Poetry. The impact of poetry is important for the development of society. In 2014 UNESCO celebrated the 100th anniversary of Peyo Yavorov’s death with other poets.

Peyo Yavorov (P. Kracholov)
(Jan. 1, 1878 – Oct. 17, 1914 ), Bulgarian poet.

He is considered one of the best poets of the 19th century in the Bulgarian Kingdom. His all conscious and creative life have been bonned with the Inner Macedonian – Andriapolian Revolution organization. He was also one of the apologists of Armenian independence. He wrote several poems about Armenians. He wrote the poem “The Armenians” which is dedicated to the Armenian Genocide. N 131 School of Yerevan is named after Payo Yavorov.

The associated schools of UNESCO, school N 20, 198 High School and the college after A. Shirakatsi organized an event which represented the role of P. Yavorov’s works in Armenian Independence and the role of giving information about Armenian Genocide.

The event was organized in 131 School after P. Yavorov with active participation of pupils, teachers and headmaster.The event took place in the museum of the school after P. Yavorov. The pupils represented the poet’s life, his works, Garegin Njdeh’s article about him. There also took place a discussion about Yavorov’s role in Armenian life yesterday and today. Pupils who took active role in the discussion mentioned that the poet showed the way to the freedom with his words, works and personal example.