Integration of ESD into school curricula - Uzbekistan

Having received the UNESCO DESD multimedia teacher education resource material Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future, Uzbekistan was keen to examine how to best integrate the concept of sustainable development into their school curricula. ASPnet schools all over Uzbekistan were invited to take part in this pioneering effort.

Project objectives:

  • To integrate the concept of sustainable development into formal and non-formal education;
  • To generate respect for nature and limited natural resources

Project implementation:

Based on the DESD UNESCO resource material, the Uzbekistan National University elaborated an innovative DESD learning manual for teachers and educators. It provides both a theoretical framework and a practical approach advocating participative methodology such as role play, brainstorming, project work etc. A series of training seminars were then held for ASPnet teachers, teacher trainers, policy makers, university lecturers and media specialists. Students took part in events organized by the non-governmental organization “Environment and a Healthy Life Style” and organized peer-to-peer training for their friends.

Project results:

  • Production of an innovative DESD learning manual;
  • Integration of ESD in the curriculum of some schools and in the Republican Avloni Teachers
  • Training Institute