Electric light and clean, running water for Sidi in Burkina Faso

Projects carried out by ELEVES POUR ELEVES in Burkina Faso

Under the guidance of the BHAK/BHAS (business school) Hall in Tyrol, many other schools, as well as the Tyrolean government, the Tyrolean education authorities, the University of Innsbruck and private donors have joined forces with their partners in Burkina Faso in working for the development project. The MESS (the Ministry of Education in Burkina Faso), the Lycée Professionnel Guimbi Ouattara and the University of Bobo Dioulasso are the partners in Burkina Faso.

At the end of February a delegation of ELEVES POUR ELEVES, led by Mag. Erwin Schreckensperger, teacher at the HAK/HAS Hall in Tyrol, flew to Burkina Faso. Mr Schreckensperger was accompanied by Erich Hagen, the energy consultant of the city of Hall, and three students.

Samuel Lesky, Florian Nolf and Alexander Permann had undertaken a very special diploma project with the support of their project supervisors, graduate engineers Werner Mair and Johannes Pfatschbacher. Together with their partners in Burkina Faso, they intended to supply the maternity ward in Sidi, a small village near Bobo Dioulasso, with solar energy by setting up a solar plant.

Very often babies are born during the night, and in Sidi the only light available so far has been candlelight or torchlight. Now they have electric light and 230- volt sockets, which also provide electricity to a solar refrigerator to keep medicines cool.

The midwife and the patients at the maternity and the medical wards are pleased to have clean, running water. Together with the inhabitants of Sidi, ELEVES POUR ELEVES have built a new well and a reservoir and laid the much- needed pipeline, leading to the wards.

Besides the solar plant and the refrigerator, the Tyrolean helpers also brought along medical equipment, a hospital bed, medicines and school supplies for the country schools in Sidi and Mina, as well as 34 scholarships for the Lycée Professionnel Guimbi Ouattara and the University Bobo.

There are already plans for the year 2016: a home for 60 pupils/students and a school for renewable energies is to be built. The hospital ward in Sidi and the village school of Mina will be provided with electricity from additional solar plants.