Cutlery makes a difference

The journey of the British Council ISA activity in our school is a  rediscovery of the bond that link human race, overcoming borders, distances, languages and cultures. The students realize that co-operation, time management, mutual respect and etiquettes are essential for building confident and responsible future citizens of the world. The journey is truly one of self discovery and relationships that exists between the nations of the world. 

Students should learn about proper use of cutlery while dining. Napkin should be placed on the lap as soon as one is seated. Knife and spoon should be placed on the right, while fork should be placed on the left hand side. One should eat neatly and avoid talking while eating.

One should also avoid placing elbows on the table. After finishing the dinner the fork & spoon should be placed upside down to indicate that the dinner has finished. Good table manner are an important skill for kids to be followed at an early age.