Conferences about ESD- SPAIN

<p>Ramiro de Maeztu high school, in Madrid (Spain) held a set of conferences on Education for Sustainable Development from 18th March to 20th March. This event was organised by several students and teachers of the high school. It was aimed at 750 teenagers, who received presentations about sustainability to raise their awareness on the issue. Presentations introduced the topics that UNESCO focuses on and emphasised on water usage and desertification.</p><p>This event included other workshops and lectures, such as a poetry-writing activity or scientific lectures. All of them were related to promoting sustainable habits in the school&#39;s students. In addition, we were visited by the National Coordinator of the ASPnet, Rufina Moreno, and by the General Secretary of the Spanish Commission of Cooperation with UNESCO. They gave lectures about the role of ASP member schools in promoting sustainability and about UNESCO history.</p><p>The high school considered the event to have been successful, since 750 students have benefited from it. Each of them attended an introductory presentation that outlined the basis of ESD and to another planned activity. This set of conferences wouldn&#39;t have been possible without the collaboration of the high school&#39;s principal and his team, along with the teachers Carlos García and Lola Pérez. However, the active role of students should be remarked.</p>