World Health Day 2015 - India

The World Health Day was celebrated by the students of O P Jindal School Raigarh on 7th of April 2015, under the leadership of Jr Red Cross club. The aim was to draw the students’ attention towards the importance of global health. World Health special Assembly was held in the school auditorium on the theme that is “Food Safety”.

Through speeches and the power point presentation by Dr. Monika Tripathi who explained and made the students understand the importance of health in the life of an individual and the precautions that need to be taken. She told the students that safe food underpins but is distinct from food security.

The students were able to understand that Food Safety is an area of public health action to protect consumers from the risks of food poisoning and food borne diseases, acute or chronic. The students understood that unsafe food can lead to a range of health problems: diarrheal disease, viral disease; reproductive and developmental problems.

Food safety is thus a prerequisite for food security. The students were also asked to bring fruits and green vegetables in their tiffin to spread the message of healthy food habits.