Stand united to end poverty - Pakistan

"Poverty is An Emergency: Stand Up, Speak Out, Take Action!"

That was the theme of the poverty eradication campaign held at Roots School System (Rawalpindi Region). The main goals of the campaign were to raise awareness of and response to poverty as a major developmental issue. To commemorate International Day for the Eradication of Poverty 2014, Rootsians recognizes the role of Roots School System in helping fellows who are making real and sufficient progress towards highlighting this serious issue of poverty.

Roots School System takes this opportunity to raise awareness of their ground-breaking approaches and relentless commitment to creating a more just knowledge about a prosperous world for all. The purpose to celebrate this day was to create awareness regarding poverty and to eradicate poverty and destitution worldwide. In order to express commonality and solidarity with the poor, students observed International Poverty Day in full spirit against the sufferers. The school assembly started with a read out speech on the state of poverty in the world and in Pakistan and how we can end poverty. During the assembly all teachers & students jointly stood up for a minute and the pledge was read out to them.

A big banner stating the slogan “stand up & take actions against poverty” was displayed at the entrance gate. To show solidarity all teachers were in white dresses and children wore white T- shirts. Specially made placards were displayed prominently & white head bands with different slogans to eradicate poverty were worn by the children.

Students were given the chance to Stand Up and Speak Out about their views, reviews, suggestions or anything they feel should be conveyed regarding poverty. The students expressed their views in really striking terms, as their expressions were in actual fact depicting the horrors of poverty. One minute silence was observed to show brotherhood and to let the poor feel that they are not alone and that we as a nation will unite with each other to eradicate this curse.

Students were carrying posters with slogans written on them like “no poverty, total literacy”, “don’t let me DIE”, “stand united to end poverty”, “poverty is a violence”, “say no to poverty”, “poverty is a weapon of mass destruction”, “poverty is the parent of revolution and crime”, “food for thought not for poverty”, “join hands to eradicate poverty”, “food, not bombs”, “love the poor, eradicate poverty”, “we can end poverty together”, “poverty is hunger”, “ let’s put off the fire of poverty”.

Songs, poems and speeches regarding poverty were really catchy and depicted children’s feelings for their poor fellows which was highly appreciated.

Children gathered charity from their pocket money and gave it to the children who were begging on roads which was a sign of brotherhood, love and care for them from their side.

The Founder and Chairperson RSS, Mrs. Riffat Mushtaq said to students, “We all will stand together and will promise to share our part to make our country crystal clear from this poison and curse of poverty.