Smart head and kind heart as key to successful changes - Belarus

We are solidarity in one thing for sure: smart head and kind heart - this is a key to successful changes. This is the slogan of solidarity of Snov school.

Snov school organized an action Solidarity Bazaar dedicated to International Human Solidarity Day. On Solidarity Bazaar everyone could buy handmade crafts. All crafts were made by children with the soul and keep a piece of heart of their hands. The action was organized in order to strengthen solidarity at our school.

We held such activities dedicated to this day as: An action “Thanks for life!”, and flash mob “YES for friendship!.

Also students and teachers of Snov shool will plan to organize some actions dedicated to the Victory Day and the day of memory and solidarity with the young champions against fascism and for democracy and peace which our country will celebrate on February 8. Students will bake some dishes and will sell baked goods, handmade crafts and souvenirs. Teachers and classmates will buy it. All money will be spent for the purchase of gifts and flowers for veterans.