Science museum and telecommunication - Belarus

Our Gymnasium № 32 Minsk has recently become a member of UNESCO Associated Schools. But nevertheless we – the teachers and the students – try to do our best to contribute something new to the process of studying. 

Our school cooperates with different organisations. One of these organisations is Beltelecom. We visited the Intercommunication Museum in Minsk. To tell the truth it was a great excursion. The students had the possibility to learn about the first methods of intercommunication. They saw the first Belarusian stamp, very old telegraphs, telephones, radios and TV-sets. They even could phone their relatives from the coin telephone from the Soviet times. The students were excited about this excursion. At the end they had a chance to get acquainted with modern TV items such as Zala Television.

And now I’ve got  a question: How can we live without telephones? For a long time telephones have been the main means of communication. Of course, we’ve got a very quick means of intercommunication today – the Internet – but telephones still remain. We can keep in touch with our relatives and friends who are at a great distance.