School and Human Rights: Conscience and Dignity - Portugal

Celebrating International Human Rights Day with a Conference "The School and Human Rights: Conscience and Dignity", with the brilliant intervention of Ana Zanatti, Portuguese actress and writer, in the auditorium of Secondary School Gil Eanes, Lagos, the 10th December 2013.
An initiative included in the UNESCO ASPnet activities.
The conference was organised by the Teacher Training Centre "Centro de Formação Dr. Rui Grácio", in partnership with the Library Gil Eanes.
Aims of the event:
- To reflect on Education and Human Rights;
- To encourage the dignity of human being, promoting the respect for the human rights and fundamental freedoms in schools;
- To share educational strategies for Human Rights - an inclusive school perspective.
Educating for human rights is important to encourage an educational practice based on the principles of freedom and ideals of human solidarity, for the purpose of full personal and social development of teachers and students and their preparation for coexistence in diversity and for the exercise of global citizenship.
"The Right to the Difference, Consciousness and the Dignity",  by Ana Zanatti, Portuguese Writer and Actress
"Different between Equal", by Fernando André, Sociologist, Municipal Council of Albufeira
"From reflection to action. Rights of the Child: the construction of Identity and Difference",  by Teresa Teófilo, teacher trainer, School EB 2,3 das Naus
"The Right to Read to Understand" by Paula Correia, Coordinator of School Libraries Network of the Algarve
"International Educational Project: The Minorities in Europe", Elisabete Flosa, Teacher at Gil Eanes Secondary School
"Educational Games on Human Wrights"  Ana Teresa Oliveira, Coordinator of Gil Eanes Secondary School Library 
"Living Together" by Ana Cristina Madeira, Director of the Teacher Training Centre "Centro de Formação Dr. Rui Grácio".