Role of teachers in promoting citizenship and sustaining social and economic development - Egypt

Egyptian National Commission for UNESCO, Nasr City, Cairo

Within the framework of UNESCO’s celebration of the 20th anniversary of world teachers’ day declared every 5 October (since 1994), the Egyptian National Commission for UNESCO organized an event in its premises on 20 Oct 2014 and invited the excellent eminent teachers from all governorates to celebrate the Day.

Dr. Rafeda, head of the school of cancer patients (57357 Hospital) and teachers there, presented part of their activities, best practices and exposed to the great role played by the teacher in the community.

Recognition certificates were distributed among the participants in appreciation for their efforts.

Many presentations were made and the participants exposed to the activities implemented by UNESCO's Clubs on the national, regional and international levels exposing to UNESCO’s objectives and principles and how they are achieved through the development of international coordination and understanding between the peoples of the world, promoting human rights and citizenship and sustaining social and economic development.

  • Dr. Gihan abdel wahed, head of a charity society threw lights on donation role and its impact on society and human resources development; and highlighted the role of teachers and social specialists.
  • Dr. Hassan Abdel Aziz, director of UNESCO's club in Hurgada, Red Sea threw lights on about 95 activities that he managed  to carry out within 6 years period; seminars, workshops, training courses..etc
  • Mr. Ihab Abdu El Kheneny, teacher in Ezbet El Borg School, Damietta showed a short movie on how he launched an educational channel on YouTube.
  • Mrs. Hala Rashed, Naser City Industrial school exposed to many activities she applied on raising awareness on environmental issues.
  • Mr. Tarek, Nile School exposed to their activities in developing the area around his school.
  • Mr. Mohamed ElShazly,Mostorod agricultural school, presented his climate change project and how he managed to plant 1500 trees with his students.
  • Mr. Aymen Abdel Kader explained how they managed to make a center for cultural heritage in his school.

Many others presentations covering other schools' activities were presented and the exchange of rich successful practices really benefited all the participants.