Peace and Human Rights Actions - Lebanon

Aliah School organizes a wide range of activities to foster Peace and Human Rights Education.


  • Strengthening education for democracy, civic responsibility and tolerance.
  • Raising awareness of human rights in theory and practice, sensitizing students to their own rights and responsibilities, including the rights of others
  • Eliminating all manifestations of racism, xenophobia, exclusion, discrimination and intolerance

Here are a few examples:

The Clown Doctors for Tolerance

Ahliah's nurturing spirit grows in this season of giving with the Ibtissama Clown Doctors. Their message is consistent with Ahliah's mission to nurture peace and the responsibility to help those in need.

Ahliah students got to experience how they bring laughter first hand through a short animation performed by the Clown Doctors. Three students from Grade 12 made the rounds with the Clown Doctors; Wael Daajeh, Omar khatib and Fatima Safsoof. Teachers and Staff welcomed the chance to participate in this activity with the students from Grade 1 to Grade 12.

Beirut Marathon against xenophobia

Thirty-five Ahliah students participated in the Beirut Marathon on Saturday, November 9, 2014.  The marathon’s mission mirrors our own: to inspire unity, positively change lifestyles, promote wellness, and provide an experience of challenge and achievement. 

Specifically, this running event provided Ahliah the platform to contribute to the Brave Heart Fund (BHF) and help build awareness about Congenital Heart Disease. Ahliah is proud of its students in their contribution to the community and through their participation and accomplishments during the marathon.


Celebrating Birthdays for all students

On Friday October 31, from KG 1 to grade 3, students were surprised with their very own cupcake to celebrate their birthday.  Ahliah’s annual event of providing joyful learning on the occasion of a birthday party included many craft activities and fun.


The Kilo Day: Civic Responsibility

Ahliah students' bags were 1 Kilo heavier on October 16 and 17, 2014, but it wasn't because of the class books. In the spirit of cooperation, all of Ahliah's students participated in the 1 Kilo Day event by bringing in their choice of dried goods. The sealed goods were collected in support of the NGO Cedars for Care whose goal is to eradicate poverty. This annual event is further proof of Ahliah's commitment to nurture the value of citizenship in our students, 1 Kilo at a time.