Invaluable Water - Belarus

Our educational establishment pays much attention to ecological education of the students and we couldn’t but celebrate this date.The life itself is impossible without water. However, in our contemporary world particularly water is more often in need of protection and the shortage of water resources has become one of the acutest problems of the humanity. Thus, a special event dedicated to World Water Day and aimed at fostering ecological culture, respect and careful attitude to natural resources was organized in our gymnasium.

Our senior students told our junior ones about amazing qualities of water, about the history of water on our planet, about the most modern scientific discoveries connected with water, about the shortage of water resources on the planet and, of course, about why and how people should take care of water and water resources. Moreover, pupils watched most interesting educational videos and took part in amusing competitions.

This event contributed not only to the elevation of the level of ecological culture of our students but also lifted their mood for the rest of the day.