Human Solidarity: Christmas Bazaar - Greece

The Christmas Bazaar organized and hosted by Aristotelio College Primary School on December 7th, 2014, was an initiative aiming to strengthen human solidarity. It was a fund raising event, intended to help solve problems of an economic, social and humanitarian character.

The Christmas Bazaar gathered voluntary contributions of money, clothing and children's toys to support:

  1. ELEPAP, a non-profit organization for the rehabilitation of people with physical and developmental disabilities, and
  2. the soup kitchens run by two churches in Thessaloniki, Profitis Ilias (Pilaia) and Agia Varvara (Αno Toumba), and staffed by volunteers in the parish.

On hearing about the bazaar the school was to organize for such a worthy cause, the pupils enthusiastically volunteered to make all kinds of Christmas crafts. Each one was unique, had its own value and the personal stamp of each student. At the end of the event, all crafts were sold out.

During the event, various activities livened up the day. The students’ “Drama Club” gave a number of performances at the school theatre hall. Even the “Healthy Food Club" prepared Christmas treats, and Christmas songs were played by the "Choir and Orchestra Club". In addition, there were ongoing face-painting, hair-doing and pastry-making activities by apprentices of private college XINIS, who voluntarily offered their services.

In the large courtyard an amusement park had been set up for our young pupils and friends. Parents enjoyed coffee and food offered during the event.

All of us, pupils, teachers, parents, relatives and friends, enjoyed ourselves the most at the bazaar, which at the same time filled us with a sense of satisfaction and hope that we have contributed to making some people’s Christmas a little more beautiful! We all deserve a Merry Christmas!

You can view more about Aristotelio College Christmas Bazaar in this video.