Gymnasium “Tanasije Pejatovic” from Pljevlja in Montenegro, World water day: “Colourful and different socks…”

Students from Gymnasium “Tanasije Pejatovic” from Pljevlja in Montenegro this year also held a performance at the town square in Pljevalja, on the occasion of the World Water Day and in the framework of the All-Russian action of celebrating the World Water Day. 

The action was aimed to:

- Draw attention of local population on scientific research on the presence of danger from water loss if we don’t take necessary measures of preserving and saving the fresh and drinking water;

- Increase awareness on the importance of water, taking into consideration that soon only one third of population of planet Earth will have drinking water in their nearby surroundings.

Montenegro’s concentration of clean water is fortunately at an enviously high level, which is why our main task, under the UNESCO’s motto “Water and Sustainable Development”, is to preserve and save our drinking water!

The same day the students of the school participated in the action of cleaning the school yard.

Students-ecologists will, on the invitation of the town’s public utility company “Cleanness”, join the cleaning action of local waters in the summer season!

Participants of the previous and present actions are students-ecologists of Gymnasium guided by their teachers Vesna Kastratovic, Tanja Dragasevic, Biljana Milinkovic-Marijanovic (biologists-ecologists), Munira Desevic, Rosa Terzic (chemists-ecologists) and Jadranka Jestrovic (Russian language teacher and committed ecologist).

With students, teachers and principal of our school (Dragan Zukovic and Hajrudin Kujundzic, school deputy principal), present at the action was also the head of the local Department for Environmental Protection (Dana Krezovic), her advisers and other citizens supporters of the World water day.

We wanted also to support the Daily Centre for Children and Youth with Difficulties from Pljevlja, in their action “Colourful and different socks –symbol of the Day of Persons with Dawn syndrome”, by wearing the same colourful and different socks by our school performers. 

Gymnasium “Tanasije Pejatovic” was also the participant of the  VI International Conference of the UNESCO Associated Schools “Ob-Irtysh River Basin: the Youth Studying and Preserving Natural and Cultural Heritage in the Regions of the World’s Great Rivers” and the International youth ecological forum “One planet – one future” held in May 2013 in Khanty-Mansiysk in Russian Federation.

Video record of the performance, i.e. the dance performance of girls and mini concert of boys, students of our school, you can watch here:

Contact person:

Ms. Jadranka Jestrovic,
Russian language professor
Gymnasium  “Tanasije Pejatovic”