Exchange Fair "Free market" - Belarus

On the 24th of October in Gymnasium No.1 of Starye Dorogi, an exchange fair “FREE MARKET” was organized which was timed to the celebration of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (which is celebrated in the world on the 17th of October).

During 3 days, students and teachers were bringing things which they don’t need any more and which they’d like to offer. In exchange of their things they received a coupon on which was written the number of things they had offered. During these days students and teachers brought about 1500 things - books, magazines, adornments, pictures, photo frames, school material, CDs and many other things.

On the day of fair, all participants with great pleasure and enthusiasm changed their coupons against the liked things. Everybody was very pleased to get the thing which they needed most of all. To the end of the fair it was clear that «FREE MARKET» will become a new tradition of our Gymnasium. All toys which were left were offered to primary school students.

Don’t hurry to throw away your old things, maybe somebody needs them, and next year you’ll exchange them at our «FREE MARKET»!