Dual citizenship: my native land and my planet - Belarus

This time the extra-curricular activities in Gymnasium 2 of Orsha were tightly connected with such an important issue as global citizenship. First, we organized several round-table discussions on the theme of “Dual citizenship: my native land and my planet” which highlighted such topics as environmental problems, sources of renewable energy, etc.

We aimed our activities at shaping value-based and sustainable inner principles of responsible global citizens in our students. We spoke to them about the emerging world community that must become our global home. But our major goal was to foster the sense of belonging to a world community in our students, to nurture the realization of personal involvement and responsibility for the developing world. We strived to deprive our students of indifference that, unfortunately, can be so frequently found in the hearts of the contemporary youth representatives, we were also guided by the idea of awakening the feeling of solidarity with the other nations, countries and ethnicities of the world.

We also asked the students from the 6th form to tell everyone in the artistic way what global citizenship means for them, to express their own attitude to the issue of global citizenship and their own understanding of this idea.