Solidarity Collection of feeding items - Greece

<div><div dir="ltr"><font face="Sylfaen">Our school, on the occasion of the <span style="COLOR:black"><b>International Human Solidarity Day,</b></span> gathered provisions such as rice, pastries, jams, evaporated milk and a lot of others. <span lang="en"><span>The action</span> <font size="1"><span>involved the gathering of</span> <span>feeding</span> items</font> and was organised in order <span>to support the</span> <span>Athens</span> <span>Municipal</span> <span>Creche that faces difficulty in feeding all accommodated children, because of their growing number</span><span>.</span></span> </font></div><div dir="ltr">&nbsp;</div><div dir="ltr"><font face="Sylfaen"><span lang="en"><span>It was</span> <span>an initiative of the</span> <span>Greek</span> <span>National Commission</span> <span>for UNESCO</span> <span>and</span> <span>was conducted by</span> <span>our</span> <span>high school,</span> <span>a member of the</span> <span>Associated Schools</span> <span>Network</span> <span>(ASP-net) Unesco.</span></span> There was a lot of willingness between the students, so the quantity of assembled food was quite big.</font><br />&nbsp;</div></div><p>&nbsp;</p>