"Be tolerant and you will prevent conflicts" - Belarus

Snov school celebrated Human Rights Day on December 10. The epigraph of our lessons was “Be tolerant and you will prevent conflicts”. We chose this epigraph because to our mind most conflicts happen because of lack of tolerance. We answered such questions as: How to be tolerant? What do students know about human rights?

We learned some facts about the Declaration of Human Rights and watched the video “The story of Human Rights” from the Youth for Human Rights site.

We discussed in class ways of how to promote and raise awareness on human rights issues. At the end of our lessons, students suggested the following activities which can take place in every school:

  • The Olympiad of legal knowledge “From the child rights to the rights of man”;
  • The Intellectual game “The basic law of the land”;
  • The exhibition “Human rights in pictures”;
  • The drawing contest in which students will do illustrations to articles of the Declaration”;
  • To organize the evening of poetry where children will read their own poems about human rights;
  • To organize the competition for the best essay: “What does it mean for me, the concept of “Human rights”?

As for our school, these activities were held on this day:

  • The action “I have the right for a healthy lifestyle” (with parents);
  • The collective creative work dedicated to Human Rights Day;
  • The week preventing suicidal behavior (right for life);
  • The performance of art troupe “Pravaznayka”,etc.