Barefoot: raising awareness about poverty - Sri Lanka

Many students in the world suffering from poverty even don't have shoes to wear.

So we aware the students' idea about walking barefoot...

Step 1

  • Get your students to draw round both of their feet.
  • On one, they need to write a 'Wish' or 'Message' for the future for the children of the world.
  • On the other, they need to carefully colour it, in whatever way they want... perhaps in a style of the art of your country with patterns or symbols.
  • They need to cut round both feet and put their first name and age on the bottom of each one.

Step 2

  • Collect in all the finished 'Feet'
  • Arrange them in a collage either inside or outside of your school/building.
  • Take a photo of the collage


Sri Lanka