Founded in 1953, the UNESCO Associated Schools Network (ASPnet) is a worldwide network bringing together more than 9900 educational institutions across 180 countries. It comprises pre-schools, primary, secondary, technical and vocational schools as well as teacher training institutions.


ASPnet is a key promoter of UNESCO values and the integration of international perspectives into schools. Education for Sustainable Development is one of ASPnet’s embedded themes and approaches, along with peace and human rights education, intercultural learning and other UN priorities. The concept of Global Citizenship is in line with these main concerns and strengthens the commitment of the Network members to raising awareness and acting upon the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s world.


UNESCO Associated Schools conduct pilot projects, undertake innovative approaches and test educational materials, making significant contributions to improving the quality of education, learning and content.


The ASPnet provides a strong basis to promote global citizenship, through overarching flagships projects, school partnerships and the sharing of good practices and ideas.


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