ASPnet in Action

ASPnet in Action: Learning and exchanging about biodiversity

The UNESCO Associated Schools Network (ASPnet) is a global network of more than 9566 educational institutions including pre-schools, primary, secondary, vocational schools and teacher training institutions in 180 countries. Education for sustainable development is one of ASPnet’s thematic priorities, along with peace and human rights education, intercultural learning and other UN priorities.

As the use of ICT and social networking tools increase, ASPnet believes it is important to maximise the use of such technology to enhance learning and discussion on key issues across the network. With this in mind ASPnet is piloting the development of a collaborative workspace to facilitate the global exchange of experiences, materials and information on school initiatives in a cost-effective and easy manner and facilitate cooperation. Access to such collaborative workspace would encourage peer communication and development of school partnership projects.

Furthermore, the platform will be a sustainable resource, gradually expanded to include other themes (on ESD, Peace etc.) and used as a tool to facilitate the the functioning and the coordinating mechanisms with the view to inspire continuous interactions among the Network and enhance its visibility.

The overall goal of this first online collaborative platform is to increase understanding, discussion and action among ASPnet members on biodiversity through an online learning and exchange to add value to their school-based initiatives and to strengthen their knowledge and learning.