Artists and the Memory of Slavery

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The memory of slavery continues to inspire artistic creativity today. It is perpetuated in literature, theatre, music, dance and the  visual arts. Many artists draw on the memories, handing them down to new generations and relating them to contemporary forms of slavery and other challenges of our time.

How does this tragic episode in the history of humanity continue to underpin contemporary creativity? This is what lies at the heart of the event “Artists and the Memory of Slavery: Resistance, creative freedom and legacies”, held by UNESCO on Friday 4 September 2015, under the Slave Route project. It consists of a seminar, an exhibition and an artistic performance.

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The seminar is introduced by the philosopher Alain Foix, from Guadeloupe. Read his article on the Influence of the Memory of Slavery on Artistic Creativity Today.

Alain Foix © Gallimard