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Evolution of Youth Involvement in the Strategic Transformation Working Groups

November 2018:

Deputy Director-General meets with 40 young employees to discuss increasing engagement of youth in the Strategic Transformation.

December 2018:

Transformation Support Unit & young staff members discuss methods of youth participation in the Strategic Transformation.

January 2019:

Young staff members hold town hall meeting to deliberate the selection mechanism for new youth members of the Working Groups. Additionally, 172 young UNESCO employees express interest in being part of an internal youth network to enhance the role of youth in decision-making processes.

January 2019:

18 young staff members expressed interest in being selected for a Working Group & 95 young employees participated in the voting process, electing 8 youth members to participate in the Working Groups.

February 2019:

Onboarding meeting held to define roles and responsibilities for the selected young Working Group members into their respective Group.

March & April 2019:
Senior managers engage with Young UNESCO staff in a series of meetings that seek to evolve the role of youth in the Organization.